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Affordable Luxury Boats

With advancements in technology and our expertise, we make luxurious boats at a very economical price!

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Conquer The Waterways

Our premium upholstery, versatile usage, top-of-the-line sound systems, and state-of-the-art navigation and safety equipment create the ultimate luxury experience. Tourists are willing to pay a premium price - 2-3x more - for the opulence of our boats.

Our Expertise

 Innovated with the latest technology and materials, ensuring unmatched performance on the water. Whether cruising at high speeds or navigating choppy waters, you can count on our boats to deliver a smooth ride.


Gone are the days when only the ultra-rich could afford a boat. The sole mission at Ocean Energy is to open the world of boats to everyone. Our best-in-class experts provide a wide range of services to facilitate the discovery of unknown waters and help you diversify revenue streams. 


Navigation & Security

Best-in-class Navigation and electronic equipment ensuring safety every second you enjoy.


World-Class Engines

Variety of engine options from world leaders to power your needs.


Customizable Interiors

Highly customizable seating position with rich upholstery to match your life's texture. 


Shipping & Delivery

Tie-ups with market logistics leaders for quality assured delivery across globe.

Underseat storage_edited.jpg


Ample under-seat storage on board to ensure your long adventure on the waters.


Purchase accessories

Customize your boat with tools

Upgrade Your Boating Game and Rule The Waves

Embrace innovation to lift your gains. Grab the technology of the future. 


Ocean Energy
B-217,218, Kohinoor Industrial Estate, Taloja MIDC, Navi Mumbai, PIN: 410208, Maharashtra, India

+91 7977 182 427

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